Essential Yoga of Springfield, MO offers a variety of yoga disciplines including Vinyasa Power Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, Basic Iyengar Yoga and Restorative Yoga.   Our classes heal, detoxify and exhilarate the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention.  We focus on core strength, balance and flow to build a solid practice based on strengthening the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Hello Essential Yoga Students, As of June 1st we will be opening a few classes in the studio.  Will will be following safety guidelines and pre-registering for in studio classes due to the limited numbers allowed. Pre-register by emailing or text 417-766-3663  Please find below the new In Studio and Online Class Schedules:

Online Schedule:

Mon.:   6:00-7:00am Early Bird Vinyasa  Kei Lani

             9:00 -10:00am  Mixed Level Vinyasa  Dallas  

Tues.:   11:30-12:30pm Vinyasa 1  Shari

             4:45-5:45pm  Gentle Vinyasa  Dallas

Wed.:  6:00-7:00am Early Bird Vinyasa  Angie

             6:00-7:00pm  Gentle Vinyasa  Sam

Thurs.:  9:00-10:00am  Gentle Vinyasa  Shari

             10:15-10:45am Intro to Meditation  Meg

             11:30-12:30pm  Vinyasa 1  Shari

             4:45-5:45pm Gentle Vinyasa  Jan

Fri.:      6:00-7:00am  Early Bird Vinyasa  Kei Lani

            5:30-6:30pm  Basic Hatha  Pam

Sat.:    10:00-11:00am  Vinyasa 1  Dallas

In Studio Schedule: 

Mon:   6:00-7:00pm  Gentle Vinyasa   Beth

Tues:  6:00-7:00pm  Mixed Level  Angie

Wed:  10:00-11:00am  Basic Hatha  Beth

           6:00-7:00pm  Gentle Vinyasa  Sam

Fri:     10:30-11:30am Vinyasa 1  Miranda

Sat:    12:00-1:00pm  Gentle Vinyas  Miranda

Sun.  4:30-5:30pm  Mixed Level  Karen/Kim