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Michelle is a gifted and compassionate energy healer. She holds a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, Michelle is a graduate of The School of Enlightened Healing. Michelle uses the skills she has learned to help others heal from a mind, body, and spiritual perspective. Intuitive energy work is a great alternative to traditional “Talk therapy” Michelle works intuitively with the energy in the body and the chakra system to assist the client in gaining focus and insight into creating a more empowered and joyful life.

Living in a STATE OF HEALTH  is so much more than feeling good physically.  When you are healthy, you are unrestricted and unencumbered by unreasonable fears and burdens—the patterns of negativity that we have programmed into our bodies.  Becoming aware of those patterns opens the door to do the work of transmuting those unhealthy thought patterns into healthy ones. Past Life Therapy (anything that has happened to you from this moment backward) deals with emotional trauma that has been stored in the unconscious mind which sets the patterns that you live by.  People who would benefit from this process are those who find themselves “stuck”, not able to move forward to live the life they desire, or who find themselves repeating the same behavioral patterns that do not serve them.  Past Life Therapy is a client-centered healing in which the client is actively participating in clearing the trauma.  Linda is an advanced Past Life Therapist trained by Dr. Morris Netherton and recognized by Dr. Norman Shealy on his website.

Vibroacoustic is a term referring to technology that translates sound you hear into sound you can feel. Vibroacoustic Therapy is treatment on a liquid sound table—a massage table with a water bladder and transducers mounted to the bottom of the table. It offers the most sophisticated sound delivery system for reducing stress, alleviating physical pain and creating space for deep meditation. Healing vibrations are delivered through specific frequencies to treat specific diseases. The idea is to raise the body’s Vibrational rate to the frequency of healthy vibrations.  As our bodies are 60-75% water, and vibration moves four to six times faster through water than air, a synergy is created between the table and your body.  The vibrations pass from water in the table, to water in your body.  The effect is a gentle massaging from the inside as well as out.  

There are over 50 CD healing frequencies to choose from that include The Human Body Series, Muscular Structural Series, Energy and Balancing Series and Pain Management Series.  CD’s length range from 30 minutes to an hour. We will determine together what you need for maximum benefit.  While you are experiencing the vibrations from the table, I am giving a Reiki treatment.

Energy Healer Linda Strait believes that the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the individual must be addressed in true healing.  For further information, please call with your questions about this process at 417-576-8820, or visit my website:  perfect