Teresa Brown, RYT 500

Emery is a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga in southwest Missouri since 2007 following the completion of a 200 hour yoga teacher training in the VariYoga style at the Arkansas Yoga Center in Fayetteville, AR. In 2009 she continued her education with training in Ashtanga yoga at Maya Yoga in Kansas City, MO. Her most recent 300 hour training in Power Yoga for Sports gave her the tools to apply her knowledge of yoga to develop sport specific yoga sequences helping athletes move more efficiently and avoid injury. Her diverse training background allows her to adapt the practice of yoga to all levels from beginner to advanced practitioner.  Each class with Emery is a well rounded experience for the mind and soul. She is the lead trainer of a Register Yoga School and has trained over 50 yoga teachers in southwest Missouri. 

Katie began practicing yoga in 2009 while attending Missouri State University. After trying a variety of yoga DVDs at home, her curiosity led her to Essential Yoga the following year where her passion for yoga began to grow. Katie has always had an active lifestyle and loves to learn how the body moves and operates. Before obtaining her RYT200 in 2014, Katie had bilateral facial paralysis for over a year. During that time, Katie realized what a positive impact yoga could have on a persons overall well being. Yoga helped her to accept what could not be changed and to focus, rather, on what could be done in the present moment. To let go of the past and not to be anxious about the future. It was during this time that she decided she wanted to share yoga with others.

Katie believes that every style of yoga has value. She respects the knowledge and expertise of different teachers and lineages. Each unique method inspires her to creatively blend and evolve her own practice.  Katie’s teaching style is primarily a strong alignment based Vinyasa. She also likes to incorporate a sense of slowing down and connecting to the breath with dynamic movements. With plans to obtain her RYT500, Katie is excited to continue educating herself and others about the benefits of practicing yoga

Miranda began a very humbling yoga home practice in 2009; behind closed doors she would find a quite space to begin exploring the wonders of yoga. Struggling with asthma, Miranda was searching for holistic alternatives to heavy medications. She read that yoga put emphasis on breathe and therefore was a great tool for strengthening the lungs. This being the main reason for her venture into the yoga world would soon be paired with the effects it had on her mental stability - a sense of calmness that she could carry with her into her day - what she came to know as her true self; a self she still works on uncovering through her yoga and meditation practices. Miranda's first public class was in 2013; she fell in love with the sense of connection with other students and her teacher. Soon, seeking out a teacher certification in Springfield, Mo, she came across Beth Spindler with Teach To Inspire Yoga Education, through whom she learned a great deal and received her 200 and 500 RYT. She is forever grateful for her time spent with her teacher. Miranda teaches a vinyasa style class in which we connect movement to our steady, flowing breathe. Balancing effort and ease, her classes help develop strength, focus, and a sense of calmness.

As a nurse, I have always known how important it is to take care of my health. Having been active and striving towards fitness as a life long journey, I wanted to compliment my other activities with exercise that was kinder to my body. I took my first yoga class in 2007 and was hooked. Little did I know that a practice of strength and flexibility would lead me to a more peaceful, grounded person. I have learned to love a variety of yoga practices and wish to share the joy of yoga with others. Angie

Dallas was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. After moving to Springfield to attend college in 2011 she experienced a dramatic decline in her health and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013 and arthritis in 2015. Her physical therapist was a Yoga instructor and introduced her to the world of yoga. After practicing yoga for around one year she realized how much healthier and happier it made her, especially when it came to making peace with her body and the pain she experienced. Since chronic illness would always be a part of her life, she knew yoga would be as well. She attended school at Essential Yoga and graduated with her RYT 200 in 2015. Her style emphasizes strength building, flexibility and intense stretching. She focuses on Vinyasa and Yin yoga and plans to continue her education to obtain her 300 & 500 certification.

Katie Hay, RYT 200

Teresa is a certified yoga instructor and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.  She has been teaching since March 2015 following the successful completion of her 200 hour tantric yoga study with Teach to Inspire Yoga Education, Springfield MO.  Teresa is currently working on her 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Emery Bryant Yoga.  Teresa will  be RYT 500 certified in April 2018.  In addition, Teresa holds a ministerial doctorate in Metaphysical Parapsychology, she is a Certified Level 6 Life Force Energy Medicine Practitioner & an ordained minister in the World Wide International Metaphysical Ministry.

Staci was introduced to yoga 20 years ago while in graduate school.  Yoga’s ability to dissolve stress and tension in both mind and body left her feeling stronger, balanced and more focused and it has been a part of her life ever since.   Having practiced and studied many different styles of yoga, she will bring that variety to the mat.  She feels that the physical and mental practice of yoga are healing to the body and to the soul.  Her enthusiasm for sharing the benefits of yoga with others led her to earn her RYT 200 at Essential Yoga and become a teacher in 2014.  Staci shares what she knows to be true and considers herself an eternal student with an insatiable curiosity for life and adventure! 


​​​Joan has the distinction of being the first instructor in Springfield to receive the title of Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance. Joan started her yoga practice over 30 years ago and has been teaching in Springfield for years. Joan is married to local businessman, Mark Rosen and has three children. All of Joan’s family members practice yoga, subscribing to the adage “life is for learning.”

Kirsten a Springfield native, found yoga in the year 2001 when she was simply looking for a different form of exercise., After her first class, she realized the practice was more than just a workout. Her teachers include locals Joan Rosen, Tom Carlson and Beth Spindler. She has also taken many journeys to study with many instructors such as, Thomas Michael Fortel, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, George Purvis, Rod Stryker, Saul David Raye and more. Through yoga she has learned patience not only with herself, but with others. Kirsten shares her practice with her husband and two children.

Pam has been practicing and teaching yoga for years and trained at the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago both as a student and as a teaching assistant. Her teaching style incorporates traditional hatha yoga and Iyengar influences. Her teaching focuses on creating proper alignment, stability and breath awareness in each pose. Pam's teaching goal is to create a safe, enjoyable, yet challenging environment enabling each student to develop strength, flexibility and experience an overall sense of well-being.


Shari grew up in Sacramento, California. Daughter of a yoga instructor, Shari felt like yoga was her mom’s thing, but not hers. Shari has been an exercise enthusiast all of her life and through the years has come full circle, discovering that yoga is one of the best fitness programs available. Shari believes to achieve a optimal health and wellness you must be willing to work the Body, Mind and Spirit. Shari has found yoga to be totally trans-formative, Shari has trained with some of yoga’s most recognized teachers across the country, influencing her teaching style. Her calm, nurturing, and flexible style creates an environment where all levels, from beginner to advanced, feel at home and capable of doing the various poses.

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